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TrainOptimizer is a software tool with which you can check the efficiency of any vehicle-interior design with just a few clicks. You can compare any variants of a wagon or train and get a clear picture of how long the average dwell time will be, how many pieces of baggage cannot be stowed properly and how high the proportion of unusable seats is or the actual achievable capacity degree. A variety of special queries are possible with the aim of determining the most efficient layout. TrainOptimizer is an online tool with the big advantage that time-consuming installations and updates are no longer necessary, and you can access all functionalities from any computer.


The creation of scientific papers is a great challenge for many students, whether full-time or part-time. The respective support is also not always sufficient in dealing with partially fundamental questions of scientific work.

In the knowledge platform we have chosen a simple and clearly understandable approach to teaching the basics of scientific work. The platform contains relevant information on the first steps in a scientific paper, the parts of the concept, the literature section and the practical section as well as tips for writing and completing the paper. (Information in German)