Rennovation Coaching

Comprehensive thermal refurbishment is a complex construction process with many stumbling blocks. The present study “Renovation Coaching” investigated the question of whether a free and independent remediation support can provide the necessary help to positively influence the extent and the thermal quality of the refurbishment beyond the conventional energy consulting. “Renovation Coaching” was used for the first time to test remediation support for single-family houses, from whose experiences possible extensions of the current consulting services were defined.

Client: KLIEN, Neue Energien 2020, 3rd call for tenders

Duration: February 2010 to January 2013 (35 months)

Project partners: AEE -Arbeitsgemeinschaft ERNEUERBARE ENERGIE, Lower Austrian Energy and Environment Agency

Project description:

The results and findings of the research project were presented to a specialist audience in St. Pölten at the end of 2012. There was a broad consensus on the basic problems of the refurbishment. For many homeowners, the renovation of their house is a great challenge. The quality of the professionals has improved significantly in the last two decades, but there is still great potential for improvement. Many refurbishers need a coach who can provide them with his or her “know-how” at the right time in order to start the refurbishment or to implement it properly. The aim of a future coaching offer must be to define the right services for each target group, to create needs-based offers and also to pay attention to the legal limits. “Renovation Coaching” provided important insights into how renovation coaching can be carried out and which challenges need to be taken into account for the first time. The results are trend-setting for the many efforts of institutions and companies to establish an even better and broader range of consulting services.

Contact: DI Dr. Alex Neumann, MA MSc