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For many years, one of netwiss OG's research focuses has been multimodality. Our company netwiss OG was project manager in the R&D service OPERMO, in which a uniform definition of multimodality was developed and defined for the first time in German-speaking countries and a monitoring system for monitoring multimodal mobility behaviour was developed.

Building on this, netwiss OG was also project manager in the R&D project MULTIMOTIV, in which the current knowledge about multimodal-traffic behaviour of people living in rural areas was improved and multimodality was comprehensively collected for the first time in German-speaking countries. Tools, measures and methods for planning, policy, implementation and evaluation that increase awareness of multimodal mobility in rural areas were developed. However, the topic MULTIMODALITY is a central component of netwiss OG in many other R&D projects.


In almost all scientific projects it is necessary to consider whether the developed results are economically feasible. This is the only way to assess whether the scientific findings are relevant to the market.

In very many cases, netwiss OG subjects the project results to a business as well as an economic analysis within the scope of R&D projects. The aim of the business-management analysis is always to find out whether the project results contain medium to long-term potentials for market-economy implementation, while the business-management analysis determines whether the project results have economic and socio-political effects.


While in most cases the main route of any journey or transport is already very well organised, the so-called "first mile" or "last mile", i.e. on the one hand the route from the point of departure of the journey or transport (e.g. address, warehouse) to the starting point of the respective means of transport (e.g. train station, airport) and on the other hand the way from the destination of the respective means of transport (e.g. train station, airport) to the actual travel or transport destination (e.g. delivery address, holiday destination), usually presents a major problem.

We at netwiss OG have dealt with exactly these two parts of the travel and transport chain in numerous projects and have thus been able to build up broad know-how in this field.


Luggage is one of the main reasons why people primarily use their own autos when travelling and in everyday mobility (e.g. when shopping). There are many hurdles, especially when luggage has to be transported by hand along the entire mobility chain. In order to sufficiently promote active and sustainable forms of mobility, it is essential to develop innovative luggage logistics systems. Luggage logistics in all its various forms is one of netwiss OG's special areas of expertise. Luggage logistics covers both unaccompanied and accompanied luggage transport, always with a focus on people's needs!

In numerous research and development projects, we are working on concrete solutions to improve luggage handling in all different phases of a mobility chain and in the area of luggage logistics systems in the context of shipping.

R&D project overview on luggage logistics


Many people are unable or only partially able to participate in mobility due to different restrictions. From an ethical point of view, the self-image of a society requires that all people are granted equal access to mobility irrespective of any restrictions. At the same time, national and international legal requirements call for appropriate measures to ensure equal participation in mobility for all.

Since its foundation, netwiss OG has been working on a variety of projects whose results are intended to make participation in daily mobility and travel significantly easier. The spectrum ranges from everyday mobility and rail travel to technical equipment and air traffic services. Our focus is always on finding a realistic overall optimum, taking into account the personal requirements of the people concerned and economic and technical feasibility.

R&D project overview on accessibility


Efficient and targeted surveys are of great importance, especially in the context of R&D projects. Extensive analyses and model calculations are often implemented in science but too little attention is paid to the quality of the basic data! Ultimately, results can only be as good as the basic data.

Based on our many years of experience in the field of surveys on the one hand and R&D projects on the other, we offer you the implementation of quantitative or qualitative scientific surveys. All steps of a survey from planning to data weighting are carried out at the highest international level.



Scientific projects as well as all R&D projects in general require efficient and prudent project management. However, especially in science there is a widespread aversion to this management activity in the context of a project since there is usually a greater focus on the content and less on the process.

Although netwiss OG also has a great love and passion for content topics, we have been responsible for project leadership and project management in many projects for many years. These include a few individual cases in specialist fields completely foreign to us in the sense of project management. This fact is certainly a USP of netwiss OG and therefore also an offer of R&D projects in the area of transport, mobility, logistics and beyond.


Aviation is characterised by strong competition and economic pressure, which often leads to insufficient consideration of the multiple and heterogeneous requirements of travellers.

The netwiss OG strives to take a holistic approach to aviation in all its projects and to be a link between travellers, carriers and industry. All projects focus on clear added value for air travellers while strictly observing the tight framework conditions in aviation and the economic limits of carriers. Care is taken to always strive for solutions that are both realistic and far-sighted. Only systems that take all requirements equally into account can be expected to be successful in the long term.

R&D project overview on aviation