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In various public transport systems, people with reduced mobility represent a group that is often overlooked and not sufficiently taken into account. In addition to people with "classic" limited mobility, also included are: people in wheelchairs, people with walking, sight or hearing impairments. All people with reduced mobility, e.g. with accompanying luggage or prams as well as people who are unfamiliar with the area or people with learning difficulties are taken into account. Furthermore, we must not forget the large and constantly growing group of the elderly!

From an ethical point of view, it must be a matter of course that all people have equal access to different mobility systems. In addition, there are national and international legal requirements that force operators of various mobility systems to act accordingly and at the same time pose major challenges for them.


For netwiss OG, equal access has been a basic requirement in all mobility projects since the beginning of its existence. The managing directors of netwiss OG built up extensive knowledge on various challenges regarding accessibility even before the company was founded and deepened this knowledge further through numerous projects. The spectrum now ranges from research and development projects and consulting services on everyday mobility to public transport with a focus on the railway system to air travel.

Here you can see an overview of our projects with a special focus on accessibility.


We will be happy to advise you on all topics relating to mobility restrictions and accessibility, and together with you, we will try to find efficient solutions where the possible adaptation effort remains within the bounds of economic possibilities while still providing the greatest possible benefit for people with limited mobility. It must also never be forgotten that almost all accessibility measures ultimately benefit all persons and, as a rule, operators of public-transport systems as well.

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